I'm going to post this on the DN forum but wanted to get some feedback first and see if I missed anything.

How Dreadnought's Scoring System Destroyed Strategy

My biggest issue with this game (aside from DN/healer stacking, which won’t be rehashed here) is that the scoring/reward system does the exact opposite of what the devs state the game should encourage-- "variety of different ships should be required to execute any game-winning strategy.” Talking about rebalancing ships and components while not addressing the scoring system is problematic because people will do what they are rewarded for the most. Would you rather win a well fought game and score 600 pts, or lose and score 2900? Most would take the latter any day. Here’s a list of things I’ve noticed:

Onslaught Issues

1) Command ship bug:
The bug where no one gets points if an NPC delivers the final blow to a command ship needs to be fixed.

2) That final blow
It’s ridiculous that the final blow on the command ship gets 300 points. Why? I’ve already sat there in an Arty, waited until the command ship gets about 5k heal and unload on it with rapid fire mode and get 300 points. While some poor chap just spent 20 seconds doing damage and died for his attempt and got 150 points lol. Not fair. This game treats a final blow like some divine thrust worthy of a special point allotment.

3) Command ship too easy to kill.
A corvette with assault warp and kill a command ship in under 30 seconds. That’s great for the corvette and it sucks for the other 7 players that just lost 150 or 300 points. If you don’t get command ship points, you're losing a huge about of points, typically 450-900 pts per game. Because of the skewed points system, the ship you pick has as much to do with the number of points you’ll get as your skill level does (i.e. are you fast enough to get to the command ships?). That leads to the next point,

4) No defense/guarding points.
Leaving the current state of the command ship is fine, if the game rewards players that stay with their own command ship. Players should be awarded protection points for that job. That way, an 8 man could devise and defensive and offensive team and actually use some strategy. Right now, there’s no reason to stay with your command ship. Actually, the faster command ships die in a match, the more command ships you will get and the more points you’ll get.

TDM Issues

Yes DN/healer balls are an issue, but less people would do that unless it was extremely rewarding for points.

1) TDM rewards Dreadnoughts for being parade blimps.

The job of the DN is to tank and take damage. Yes, we get it, but there are tanks in many games and they still need to move. Rewarding players to sit high above a map and not use the terrain is very poor design and is the opposite of what any strategic game should do. By rewarding, I don’t mean the playing experience (it’s boring), I mean the point totals. Getting a good DN score means tanking huge amounts of damage, which is very easy if you have a pocket healer. It’s also great for the pocket healer because he has someone to constantly heal and thereby inflate his own score. So the scoring system highly rewards DN/healer stacking, which can only be broken by stacking more DNs with Tartarus missiles paired with their own healers.

I’ve seen matches where both teams just float above the terrain and duke it out like a drunken bar fight (why even have a map? Just fight in a blank volume of space). I’ve basically stopped queuing for TDMs because I’m so bored of the same tactics over and over and how there is nearly zero diversity in team composition in TDM. And as long as we have a scoring system that promotes the above gameplay, it will continue to happen. DN/healer rebalance needs to happen as well, but this post is about scoring.

Component Scoring Issues

Surge/Purge drones give players no points, while healing drones give you lots of points. So no one takes the other drones. There’s a perfect example of how the scoring system is affecting player selection. People are not going to take components for masochistic enjoyment, especially not in a game with this grind.