To begin with scoring points is not necessarily coupled to contributing to the match outcome. And it neither is a proportional measurement of individual skill.

Of course, core contributing actions are rewarded. Healing, scoring kills and assists in TDM, or killing NPC ships in Onslaught. Healing and tanking seem to be rewarded better than damage dealing - at least that's my perception.

There are some behaviors that are rewarded with points that do not help your team. Or let’s say, going for points does not always help your team in the best way.
For example, mindless charging into an enemy fleet awards you with 30 points for “berserking” regardless if you die doing so. This award is of course meant for dreadnoughts on the front line, but everyone gets it if shot at by several enemies at the same time.

Since points are to some extent proportional to the amount of experience points you gain from a match, points definitely matter for progression.
And because the game doesn’t tell you much about the events you get points for besides the fly text within a match, I usually checked the datamining results to see, which options there are to score points.
Find below an extract from the data mined by Snib on score events and ribbons.

Score Events
The tables below show all known and currently available events awarding personal scoring points. The amount of points is shown by game mode.

Some events require certain tier-based thresholds to be hit. Tier thresholds are displayed from low to high as comma-separated list.
Usually events with thresholds accumulate amounts of damage. Once a threshold is met, the accumulation restarts for the next event of the same type.

Events awarding points for kills and assists usually require a certain amount of damage. Those thresholds are not exactly known. In contrast to GSF assists are not awarded for a single hit, some notable amount of damage is required.

If a certain number of events awards a ribbon, that ribbon is listed with the event followed by the number of events required to acquire the ribbon.
The ribbons are listed in the next section.

The events are grouped by damage dealing, support, taking damage, and game mode exclusive events.

Damage Dealing Events
EventTDMOSLCNQRibbon (events required)Requirements
5 Player Kill Streak35301010 Player Kill Streak (2)Destroy five ships without getting killed yourself.
Assist353010Combat Assistance (10)Deal over 10% of total damage to a dying enemy ship.
Avenger353010Justice (3)Destroy a ship that destroyed a friendly ship within the last 15 seconds.
Blasted353010Mayhem (3)Destroy two ships simultaneously.
Bullseye353010Marksman (3)Destroy a corvette with primary or secondary weapons that is more than 6km away (and moving).
Captain Kill -5022**-Destroy a ship one tier below your current ship’s tier.
Captain Kill6530**-Destroy a ship of the same tier as current ship.
Captain Kill +7532**-Destroy a ship one tier above your current ship’s tier.
Critical Assist - *5022**-Do more than 50% of the damage leading to destroy a ship one tier below your current ship’s tier.
Critical Assist *6530**-Do more than 50% of the damage leading to destroy a ship of the same tier as current ship.
Critical Assist + *7535**-Do more than 50% of the damage leading to destroy a ship one tier above your current ship’s tier.
Cut the Lifeline353010Support Counter (5)Destroy a ship that is healing another ship.
Damage Dealer1085Gunchief (25)Deal a tier-based amount of damage with primaries and secondaries: 20000, 24000, 27500, 32500, 37000.
Double Kill353010Domination (2)Destroy two ships in short succession.
Final Blow20155-Score the last hit on a dying enemy player.
Payback353010Eye for an Eye (2)Kill the enemy that killed you last.
Saviour353010Guardian (4)Destroy a ship that is attacking a friendly ship with less than 30% health.
Sliced353010Ninja (3)Destroy a ship using Assault Blink Warp (ABW).
Tactical Kill353010Caretaker (5)Being repaired while destroying an enemy ship (actual implementation differs from description text).
Warfare356010Modulist (10)Deal a tier-based amount of damage with modules: 20000, 24000, 28000, 32000, 37000.

* - First activated in 1.12. Internally flagged as "kill" event and thus possibly counting towards streaks, double kill or similar events and ribbons.
** - See Conquest mode exclusive event "Harvester".

Support Events
EventTDMOSLCNQRibbon (events required)Requirements
Offensive Support353020Concentrator (5)A friendly ship buffed by your ship destroys an enemy ship.
Repair10510Field Engineer (30)Heal a ship for a tier-based amount of points: 2000, 2250, 3000, 3500, 4250.
Tactical Kill353010Caretaker (5)Bugged. The event is awarded to a ship destroying an enemy ship while being healed, not to the healer.
Technical Kill656020Saboteur (3)An enemy ship debuffed by your ship is destroyed.

Damage Taking Events
EventTDMOSLCNQRibbon (events required)Requirements
Berserker303025Frontline Freak (3)Receive a tier-based amount of damage from 3 close enemy ships within 8 seconds (per enemy ship): 7500, 9000, 10500, 12000, 14000.
Blocked656020Vanguard (5)Receive a tier-based amount of damage on your shields without dying: 50000, 65000, 75000, 85000, 100000.
Damage Taken201515Battle Scar (10)Take a tier-based amount of damage: 280000, 340000, 400000, 450000, 530000.
Parry454015Invulnerable (3)Activate shields and block an attack within two seconds after shield activation with a tier-based minimum amount of damage: 5000, 6500, 7500, 8500, 10000.
Survivalist606040Indestructible (5)Take a tier-based amount of damage without dying: 270000, 360000, 450000, 540000, 600000.
Tank151510Smooth Sailing (10)Take a tier-based amount of damage without dying: 65000, 80000, 95000, 105000, 125000.

Onslaught Only Events
EventOSLRibbon (events required)Requirements
Assault Ship Assist10Assault Ship Battle Assitance (6)Help destroying an assault ship in Onslaught.
Assault Ship Kill22Assault Ship Warfare (10)Destroy an assault ship in Onslaught.
Command Ship Assist150Command Ship Battle Assistance (2)Help destroying a command ship in Onslaught
Command Ship Kill300-Destroy a command ship in Onslaught.
Fighter Assist3Fighter Battle Assistance (10)Help destroying a fighter squadron in Onslaught.
Fighter Kill8Fighter Warfare (20)Destroy a fighter squadron in Onslaught.

Conquest Only Events
EventCNQRibbon (events required)Requirements
Harvester75Reaper (5)Kill a player contributing to territory.
Point Defended150Defender (5)Kill an enemy player close to a control point that belongs to your team.
Point Secured250Conqueror (5)Capture an enemy control point.
Territory Held20Assayer (20)Hold territory.

The tables below show all known and currently available ribbons awarding personal scoring points.
The amount of points is shown by game mode.
The tables are grouped by damage dealing, support, taking damage, and game mode exclusive ribbons.

Damage Dealing Ribbons
10 Player Kill Streak5050152 5 Player Kill Streak events required.
Combat Assistance50501510 Assist events required.
Comeback757525Destroy a ship after having been killed 4 times without scoring a kill.
Domination3030102 Double Kill events required.
Eye for an Eye5050153 Payback events required.
First Strike757525Score the first kill of a match.
Guardian5050154 Saviour events required.
Gunchief2252258025 Damage Dealer events required.
Intervention757525Destroy a ship that is on a 5 Player Kill Streak.
Justice5050153 Avenger events required.
Man of the Day757525Score the last kill of a match and winning the match with it.
Marksman5050153 Bullseye events required.
Mayhem5050153 Blasted events required.
Modulist2252258010 Warfare events required.
Ninja5050153 Sliced events required.
Support Counter5050155 Cut the Lifeline events required.

Support Ribbons
Caretaker110110405 Tactical Kill events required.
Concentrator225225805 Offensive Support events required.
Field Engineer30153030 Repair events required.
Saboteur225225803 Technical Kill events required.

Damage Taking Ribbons
Battle Scar75752510 Damage Taken events required.
Frontline Freak110110203 Berserker events required.
Indestructible7575255 Survivalist events required.
Invulnerable225225803 Parry events required.
Smooth Sailing1101102010 Tank events required.
Vanguard225225805 Blocked events required.

Onslaught Only Ribbons
Assault Ship Battle Assistance276 Assault Ship Assist events required.
Assault Ship Warfare5010 Assault Ship Kill events required.
Command Ship Battle Assistance752 Command Ship Assist events required.
Fighter Battle Assistance6510 Fighter Assist events required.
Fighter Warfare6020 Fighter Kill events required.

Conquest Only Ribbons
Assayer5020 Territory Held events required.
Conqueror1005 Point Secured events required.
Defender805 Point Defended events required.
Reaper505 Harvester events required.