Promotion within the guild is primarily based on trust, respect, and a commitment to the team, rather than by in-game performance alone. "-SRW" tags are used as part of a character name and are to allow the guild more visibility in matches.


Entry Level Rank:

This rank is for untested pilots or pilots in training, whose influence is limited as they prove themselves to the rest of the guild. This position is also reserved for pilots belonging to other guilds who nonetheless enjoy flying with us from time to time.

Recruits have the responsibility to:
- follow rules
- be respectful

Recruits who wish to be promoted to a Fleet Ensign position must have:
- filled out a recruitment form
- registered on the website
- participated on the discord and/or forums
- shown an interest in guild activities

Fleet Ranks:

Fleet Ensign
These up-and-coming pilots have registered on the Discord and web site and have begun contributing to the guild by flying with other guild pilots and contributing to the SRW forums and/or Discord. Fleet Ensigns enjoy access to the Officer Discussion channels on our Discord, and the Officer Discussion forum on our web site.

Fleet Ensigns have the additional responsibility to:
- participate on the discord
- wear the -SRW tag
- represent the guild well

Fleet Ensigns who wish to be promoted to a Lieutenant position must be:
- a competent team player
- trustworthy & reliable
- regularly in Discord

Fleet Lieutenant
These pilots have proven themselves to be trustworthy, reliable, and committed to teamplay, and thus have greater access to guild resources, particularly the strategic database.

Fleet Lieutenants have the additional responsibility to:
- actively contribute to the betterment of the guild by recruiting, helping new players, producing guides/videos, facilitating discussion on the forums, or some other agreed-upon task
- assist in moderating the discord

Fleet Captain
These trusted pilots additionally have command and coordination responsibilities and can access the captain's channels and forums.

Fleet Captains have the additional responsibility to:
- moderate the forums and discord
- fulfill additional responsibilities as needed


Awards are assigned on the website for gaining ranks as well as the guild activities the player participates in. These awards will be visible beside the player's forum posts, as well as on their profile. Ranks have their own award associated with them, but some additional awards may also be assigned. These awards are:

Fleet Badge - Awarded to an officer within the Fleet division of SRW
Logistics Badge - Awarded to an officer within the Logistics division of SRW (For SWTOR ONLY)
Defense Coalition Badge - Signifies non-guilded pilots who participate in an organized piloting event
Founder's Pin - Pin to signify a guild founding member
Contributor's Pin - Pin to signify a forum contributor (100 posts)
Heavy Contributor's Pin - Pin to signify a heavy forum contributor (500 posts)
Progenicide Campaign Ribbon - Participated in the Progenicide 8v8 Campaign (SWTOR ONLY)
Red Eclipse Campaign Ribbon - Participated in the Red Eclipse 8v8 Campaign (SWTOR ONLY)
SiN Series Ribbon - Participated in one of the 8v8 matches against Self-Inflicted from JC. (SWTOR ONLY)
SL Conquest Contributor's Award - Heavy contribution of conquest points during an SRW conquest event (SWTOR ONLY)