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Using the format introduced by Ianir, this is a general guide to the T1 gunship. The T1 gunship is the most popular gunship, and is still very strong in TDM as well as the only gunship of any significant use in Dom. It has a good choice of primary weapons and all three railguns to pick from, as well as the capability to stack evasion more than any other gunship due to an armor minor component. While it isn't as mobile as the T3 and is possibly weaker against strikes than the T2, it's the best gunship for pure gunship duels and can hold its own against other ships fairly well.

Major Components
Primary Weapons
Burst Laser Cannon
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4L (Improved Firing Arc and Tracking)& T5 Preference
Comments: AP, while not as important on a gunship for primaries, is still very helpful in Dom for dealing with turrets. BLC have very high accuracy and damage per shot as well as incredibly low tracking penalty in the close ranges where they should be used (>1500-2000m preferably). They're very useful for finishing off a weakened target who came close or landing glancing shots on an enemy circling you. For general purpose, they're still way better than LLC.
Light Laser Cannon
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference
Comments: When comparing LLC to BLC, they have a few shortcomings -- no AP, lower damage per shot and a slightly higher tracking penalty. However, they are more accurate in almost any range (except for the closest ones), making them better from ~1500m and up. In addition, they have way higher DPS, and are thus much stronger in head-on encounters. They are weaker in Dom and against circling opponents though, so they are less recommended. Take crit chance if you intend to line and light up your targets. If you want the tracking upgrade, BLC are probably better.

Secondary Weapons
Slug railgun
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Slugs are the bread and butter of any gunship, and this one is no exception. They have a shorter reload time than the other railguns, armor penetration, shield piercing and very high accuracy at range. This makes them very powerful against any enemy. Don't forsake them unless you're flying with a team and intend to build a support-only ship.
Ion railgun
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference
Comments: Ions are the second popular railgun on this ship, and for good reason. They boast very high shield damage, significant engine and weapon power drain and a powerful debuff to either regen or movement speed upon hit. In TDM they're useful before slugs to soften a target, and in Dom they can be used to clear nodes and damage multiple enemies on them. They also have an inbuilt tracking penalty reduction, which makes them better against targets at high deflection.
Plasma railgun
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Plasmas are marked as yellow because they're less useful than the other options in Dom, but that's not to say they are bad! They are very accurate and deal a lot of damage over time. With the proper upgrades, they can become even more accurate or provide a debuff that reduces evasion (extremely helpful to both you and friendly teammates). For T5, take shield piercing if you want to deal with pesky QCS ships (mostly strikes) or extra damage if you want added burst.

Distortion Field
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Disable Enemy Missile Lock).
Comments: This shield has become more valuable with the rise of missiles. The lock delay is more attractive than ever when multiple torpedoes are aimed at you, and the evasion is always nice against any manually-aimed weapons. This gunship has armor, so it can stack evasion to quite high levels, and DF is invaluable in that regard/
Feedback Shield
Upgrade (DOM): T3L (Critical Feedback).
Comments: Feedbacks have been improved compared to before, but so have all ships. With correct usage they can wreak havoc on a single enemy scout or strike, especially when the enemy has been weakened by an ion or slug. However, they offer no mitigation and are weak against enemy gunships. Combine them with reinforced armor for maximum passive tankiness.
Fortress Shield
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Increase Blaster Power Regen While Active).
Comments: Fortress immobilizes you for the duration of its active time, and upon movement drains all the shields it granted when activated. They also make you a prime missile target. Do not use them.

Barrel Roll
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference
Comments: BR is still very strong on gunships, due to the fact that they have such a long range. A gunship can easily barrel behind cover and turn around to deal with the enemy shooting at them. I prefer the turning upgrade for easier railgun centering as well as dealing with circling enemies, but speed can work if your style is more about movement.
Weapon Power Converter
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Breaks Missile Locks)
Comments: This engine component has the advantage of having a shorter cooldown than BR. It has the disadvantage of no evasion/missile immunity, no mobility and no turning/speed upgrades. In addition, the weapon damage boost is almost useless since it doesn't affect railguns. Use with caution.
Rotational Thrusters
Upgrade (DOM & TDM):T3 Preference
Comments: No missile break is a death sentence in the current meta. No mobility is adding insult to injury. Avoid this component.
Interdiction Drive
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Increased Duration)
Comments: Long cooldown, hefty cost, no missile break, small AoE... don't use this.

Minor Components
Large reactor
Comments: In general, stacking shields still seems like a good way to mitigate burst damage. Large reactor is solid shields, and allows you more time in the fray before you need to break off for regeneration.
Turbo reactor
Comments: Turbo reactor is good for fairly low damage that comes in intervals -- a couple of blaster shots or a low-charged railgun. It's less effective against high burst damage or sustained damage such as continuous fire (as you might see in a dogfight) or BLC shots.It's a valid option, but it means changing your playstyle to suit it.
Regeneration reactor
Comments: You won't regenerate a lot with regen reactor. It won't beat large reactor in mitigating straight damage, and when you're not taking damage it doesn't really matter.

Comments: With DF, lightweight is the best option hands down. Stacking decent passive evasion and a large amount of active evasion is the way to go on this ship in almost all cases.
Comments: With feedback, reinforced works better than LW because you can't stack evasion. That being said, you'll be a lot weaker against blasters and railguns, so use with caution.
Comments: DR is useless against slugs and many blasters, and in any case this ship can't stack it. Avoid this armor.

Range sensors
Comments: Detecting enemy ships is always useful. You might spot an enemy gunship before they see you, and that can save you more often than not.
Dampening sensors
Comments: Hiding from enemy scouts and gunships is always useful for when you want to sneak a shot and get away. Dampening is useful on gunships.
Communication sensors
Comments: As a gunship, you'll probably be at the side of the action rather than the center. You won't be relaying information, but rather receiving it.

Regeneration Extender
Comments: When you're low on power, this magazine will reduce the wait until your next shot. This makes it the best under pressure or when constantly moving (since you'll be with power to engines often), and because of this it's the most recommended option.
Power Pool Extender
Comments: While this magazine offers the most shots when full, when empty it comes second to regen. You're better off with regen almost always.
Munitions Capacity Extender
Comments: This gunship has no munitions. Need I say more?

For crew, I will be evaluating active and passive crew abilities rather than specific crew members.

Comments: A gunship's job is to kill enemy players. Wingman is the most effective way to land railguns, and it helps with blasters. For a strong offence, there's no better copilot than wingman.
Comments: Bypass is only really available on pubside (on impside you need to give up pinpointing), but it can work well with a slug/plasma build for hefty hull damage.
Hydro Spanner
Comments: For staying alive, nothing beats Hydro Spanner. However, this might come at the expense of killing enemy ships or peeling for teammates, which are the primary roles of gunships. You'll also be less useful against evasion ships.
Concentrated Fire
Comments: Only yellow because of possible synergy with plasmas, CF is weak in general. 16% crit chance for 6 seconds every minute isn't a lot at all.
In Your Sights
Comments: A limited range and single target wingman.
Comments: While it's a solid defensive against a single player, it can't compete with offensive options. It's limited on range too.
Running Interference
Comments: While decent evasion make this ship better with RI than most, it loses to WM in head on engagements. This makes it quite weak for a gunship.
Slicer's Loop
Comments: Improved to halt energy regeneration for 8 seconds, but it still suffers from a long cooldown of 60 seconds and many other options which are better than it. Also, limited range.
Servo Jammer
Comments: Its slow will stack with ion railgun, but that's not good enough to move it out of the red. Also, limited range.
Comments: Damage Reduction is next to useless in the current AP-heavy metagame.
Comments: Its removal of 40 engine power every 40 seconds may have a niche (trolling) use, but it's not good enough to consider over the options. Also, limited range.
Lingering Effect
Comments: A little extra hull damage doesn't make lingering effect worth taking over the other, much better, options. Also, limited range.

Comments: This ship relies on blasters for damage more than anything else, so 6% accuracy is essential.
Rapid Reload
Comments: The only direct DPS increase other than pinpointing, this is generally the other best option. You need to take it on pubside to get Hydro Spanner, too.
Improved Kill Zone
Comments: High deflection harms both your blaster and railgun accuracy. It can be useful for landing a lucky shot, but in general it's weak.
Spare Ammo
Comments: This gunship has no ammo.

Power to Shields
Comments: Shields are very important, and having extra shield power helps to mitigate burst damage.
Response Tuning
Comments: This ship can actually beneft of evasion, so 5% are not to be scoffed at if you're stacking it.
Quick Recharge
Comments: While not as good against burst as extra shields or evasion, it can be useful for kiting purposes.
Structural Support
Comments: The inability to stack DR on this gunship and the uselessness of it in general makes it the worst choice.

Depth of Field
Comments: Tactical choices are not as important, but more senor range never hurts. It's nice to know what's coming at you.
Silent Running
Comments: Avoid the enemy ships with dampening sensors and silent running.
Peripheral Vision
Comments: Knowing who's sneaking up on you is always nice.
Comm Boost
Comments: Since you're probably not going to communicate any enemy ships, this isn't very useful..

Efficient Maneuvers
Comments: Cheaper boosting and barrel roll are a boon to a gunship running away or trying to escae enemy ions.
Power to Engines
Comments: You'll need this to reach places faster on this sluggish ship.
Power to Blasters
Comments: On this gunship it's probably better than efficient blasters due to the fact that it benefits railguns, but other than that it's still weak compared to the engine passives.
Efficient Blasters
Comments: Since this doesn't affect railguns, the only benefit is to blaster fire. Not worth it.

Team Deathmatch Optimization
BLC/slug/ion build, good for both TDM and Dom:

Slug/plasma build, strong in TDM and with powerful team utility as a target marker:

Slug/plasma/EtW converter, a TDM-only build with LLC that is very strong in head-on engagements with strikes and scouts:

Domination Optimization
BLC/slug/ion build, good for both TDM and Dom:
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Given your description, I think you coloured Rotational Thrusters wrong.
Posted Jan 18, 18
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Nicely done, I agree that all new players should work on proficiency in this ship. It's probably the best ship in team deathmatch and ion railgun is a really important teamwork component in both domination and team deathmatch.

IMO Weapon Power Converter should be a red component.
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Fixed the color for rotationals. I'm leaving EtW yellow for now because I think it can be potentially useful for certain builds (with DF), so it's not complete junk. I'll test it out though, and if it proves hopeless I'll adjust the color.
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