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Using the format introduced by Ianir, this is a general guide to the T2 scout. The T2 scout is a great dogfighter and jouster with the best burst DPS and evasion in the game. This ship can fill a variety of roles but it is strongest as a close range fighter on satellites/nodes. Its superior close range fighting is mainly due to its Burst Laser Cannons (BLC) having incredible accuracy and damage per shot (DPSh) at close range.

If you simply want to know whether I think a component is good or not, this can be determined by looking at its color. Green means that this component is viable. Yellow indicates that caution should be used in choosing this component. Red designates a component as almost always being a poor choice. However, please note that some components work together (synergize) better than others. I have also generally arranged each component in order of my preference (the first in each list being my first choice).

Major Components

Primary Weapons
Burst Laser Cannon
Upgrades: T4L (Firing Arc and Tracking) & T5R (Shield Damage).
Comments: BLC have the best accuracy at close range and the smallest tracking penalty, which makes them by far the best laser for fighting on nodes in domination. They also have the best damage per shot (DPSh), which translates into the best burst damage laser. Additionally, they have armor piercing (AP) which means they can kill bombers and turrets very quickly.
Light Laser Cannon
Upgrades: T4L (Choice) & T5R (Shield Damage).
Comments: These lasers can potentially give you more DPS than BLC. However, BLC are much better for surprise burst damage and are also much better against enemies that fly evasively. LLC also lack armor piercing.
Quad Laser Cannon
Upgrades: T4L (Critical Hit Damage) & T5R (Critical Hit Chance).
Comments: Quads have great synergy with both Targeting Telemetry and Blaster Overcharge systems due to the critical hit damage/chance upgrades. However, as Quads are a medium range blaster with high tracking penalty, they are not suitable for fighting on nodes.
Rapid Fire Lasers
Upgrades: T4L (Critical Hit Chance) & T5R (Shield Damage).
Comments: These lasers are basically poor man's version of BLC. Lower DPSh, lower DPS, higher tracking penalty, and lower accuracy at any important range. Don't use them unless you want to troll with a super fast-firing lasers build with Blaster Overcharge

Secondary Weapons
Rocket Pods
Upgrades: T4R (Ammo) & T5 Preference.
Comments: Rocket Pods are one of the best advantages that scouts have over strikes. When it comes to burst damage, rocket pods are by far the best secondary in the game. Their long range and armor piercing (AP) means that they also serve as great utility for things like killing turrets, drones, and mines. They suffer from a high tracking penalty, but this is mitigated by the use of Targeting Telemetry system and sometimes Wingman co-pilot.
Cluster Missiles
Upgrades: T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Cluster missiles aren't a bad component on the T2 scout, they just aren't as good as rocket pods in most situations. Cluster missiles can sometimes be better than rocket pods when you are fighting other scouts, but otherwise they are much weaker than rocket pods.
Sabotage Probe
Upgrades: T4L (Engine Suppression) & T5R (Speed Reduced).
Comments: These probes take way too long to lock on. By the time you get a lock on, you probably could have killed that ship with BLC and rocket pods. If you really want to use Sabotage Probe, you're better off flying a T1 scout as EMP Field engine lockout has good synergy with Sabotage Probes.

Targeting Telemetry
Upgrades: T4 Preference & T5L (Precision Targeting).
Comments: +10% accuracy, +15% critical chance, +25% critical magnitude, +8% evasion and increased sensor range on a very short cooldown with a long uptime. This is by far the best scout systems ability because it is almost always available for use. It also affects your secondary weapons and it is especially good with rocket pods. Pick T4R if you're using distortion field or T4L if you're using quick charge shields.
Blaster Overcharge
Upgrades: T4R (Rate of Fire) & T5L (Weapon Damage).
Comments: +8% critical chance, +33% rate of fire, +10% blaster damage, and improved blaster regeneration. This is a very strong ability but it is held back by a long cooldown and shorter uptime when compared to Targeting Telemetry. It does not affect your secondary weapons.
Booster Recharge
Upgrades: T4L (Engine Regen) & T5L (Quick Boost).
Comments: Before patch 5.5 this was a solid option if you wanted to run turning thrusters while maintaining optimal mobility. Now that quick charge shields are good, they fill this role better than Booster Recharge.

Distortion Field
Upgrade: T3R (Disable Lock).
Comments: By far the best shield in the game when multiple ships are firing at you simultaneously. When you use this ability, you become nearly invulnerable to lasers and railguns for 6 seconds. Also, you can use it to break a missile before it is launched, which can be especially valuable when there are a lot of enemy ships with proton torpedos. This break is also your best chance against Remote Slicing builds. The main weakness with this shield is that it takes a long time to regain your shields after taking damage.
Quick-Charge Shield
Upgrade: T3R (Reduced Cooldown).
Comments: These shields offer a great passive boost to engine regen rate, making the ship much more mobile. This increased mobility means that you can use turning thrusters instead of regen thrusters, improving your ability to kill stuff close range with BLC. The shield itself allows the ship to easily tank a single railgun shot or 2-3 shots from things like BLC, HLC, seeker mines, concussion mines, etc. It is strongly advised to use hydrospanner with this shield. This shield is not recommended in situations where multiple gunships are targeting you at once (common in Team Deathmatch)
Directional Shield
Upgrade: T3L (Reduced Regen Delay).
Comments: This shield offers similar tankiness to Quick Charge Shields but without the bonus to engines.It's not worth picking.

Power Dive
Upgrade: T3R (Turning).
Comments: Power dive increases your total mobility because with proper utilization it can propel you forward without using any engine power. While you are being propelled forward, a small amount of your engines regenerate. This small amount is increased greatly when you equip quick charge shields and/or regen thrusters. This engine move is also strong because it has the shortest cooldown (12 seconds) and because it still works even if you get hit with ion railgun and have all of your engines drained.

Retro Thrusters
Upgrade: T3L (Turning).
Comments: Retros allow long uptime on a target with your blasters/rocket pods without needing to fear missiles. Skillful use can also put you into unique positions that facilitate surprise burst kills. While they're not as mobile as power dive or barrel roll, they make up to it by being a superior offensive choice. Take extra turning with Burst Laser Cannon or extra engine power with Quad Laser Cannon.

Barrel Roll
Upgrade: T3 Preference.
Comments: Barrel roll is very good for mobility and also allows reliable escapes, but the long cooldown makes it a bit of a liability. Once you've used it, you have to be careful when reengaging because you'll be within missile range with no complete missile breaks for the next 16 seconds. Barrel roll can be a strong option for quickly capping an undefended node after you respawn in a domination game. In team deathmatch it can also be excellent for getting to damage overcharge pickups before your enemies.

Koiogran Turn
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference
Comments: While this maneuver isn't as mobile as powerdive/barrel roll or as offensively capable as retros, it offers a 4-second missile immunity. This is often enough to reach cover, and makes it a potentially viable choice for novice pilots. For intermediates/experts, this might be the best option for using in tight spaces like Kuat Mesas B node or Lost Shipyards C node. Even top players die a lot when trying to break missiles in these areas with Retro thrusters or Power Dive.

Minor Components
Lightweight Armor
Comments: One of the scout's distinguishing advantages over strike fighters is their high evasion. In all builds except quick charge shields builds, you should be stacking as much evasion as possible.
Reinforced Armor
Comments:If you are making a domination specific build with quick charge shields, you could potentially use reinforced armor instead of lightweight armor.
Deflection Armor
Comments: For scouts, this is strictly worse than reinforced armor. Don't pick it.

Large reactor
Comments: Stacking shields helps you survive surprise burst damage and allows you more time in the fray before you need to break off for regeneration.
Turbo reactor
Comments: Turbo reactor is good for fairly low damage that comes in intervals -- a couple of blaster shots or a low-charged railgun. It's less effective against high burst damage or sustained damage such as continuous fire (as you might see in a dogfight) or BLC shots. It's a valid option, but it means changing your playstyle to suit it. It is a decent option with Distortion Field but you need to be very diligent at hitting F2 three seconds after receiving your last damage.
Regeneration reactor
Comments: Even with quick-charge, you won't regenerate a lot with regen reactor. It won't beat large reactor in mitigating straight damage, and when you're not taking damage it doesn't really matter.

Frequency Capacitor
Comments: This ship is all about burst damage, and frequency capacitor delivers.
Damage Capacitor
Comments: This is a good compromise if you find yourself running out of blasters when using frequency capacitor. I recommend trying Yuun (Republic) 2V-R8 (Imperial) Engine Crew (blaster efficiency) with frequency capacitor before making a switch to damage capacitor. If you are running a quick charge shield + hydrospanner build on imperial side then you may want to take damage capacitor since the aforementioned crew is unavailable with hydrospanner.
Range Capacitor
Comments: BLC is meant to be fired at very close ranges. Range capacitor will help extend your "short range" a bit, which will provide very small increases in accuracy and damage. However, these small increases in damage are nothing compared to the large bonuses you get from frequency or damage capacitor. Range capacitor can help you kill seismic mines from a safer range, but you're often better off killing these mines with rocket pods instead.

Turning Thrusters
Comments: Turning is great for fighting in close ranges, especially on nodes. You can combine them with your engine maneuver upgrade for tight turns. Turning thrusters are especially important when using BLC since they help you stay in the sweet spot range of 500m-1500m.
Regeneration Thrusters
Comments: For TDM especially, regen thrusters will ensure you have the power to get where you need to be and still use your maneuvers if required. They're always a solid option. With QCS, you'll actually net positive engines in the 3 seconds of maneuver, making them even more useful for escaping after using your engine break. Many pilots use regeneration thrusters with retro thruster engines on their T2 scout. Turning thrusters tends to be more popular with power dive.
Speed Thrusters
Comments: This might be a decent option in team deathmatch if your goal is to build a super fast scout for grabbing damage overcharges and distracting gunships.
Power Thrusters
Comments: As a counter to gunship ions or Remote Slicing, Power thrusters work great. Otherwise, one of the other options is probably more beneficial.

For crew, I will be evaluating active and passive crew abilities rather than specific crew members.

Comments: Wingman is a really strong option because it makes your rocket pods so much stronger and because it allows your BLC to land at the end of a retro thruster move. It is also very important for shooting scouts and gunships through their distortion field. If you want to use wingman, I would recommend pairing it with distortion field, retro thrusters, and rocket pods to give you superior jousting ability.
Hydro Spanner
Comments: Hydro Spanner, with its strong heals and short cooldown, is the obvious choice for a scout with Quick-Charge Shields. Whatever damage makes it through your shields, Hydro Spanner can mitigate it. I would recommend pairing hydrospanner with quick charge shields and powerdive to give you superior mobility and survivability.
Running Interference
Comments: Stacking evasion on this ship can be incredibly powerful, but the 60 second cooldown makes this defensive co-pilot ability worse than hydrospanner in most situations. If your team has a dedicated repair ship then running interference can be a strong choice. If you like to run 2V-R8 on Imperial side for the blaster efficiency then you can't take hydrospanner.
Comments: Bypass is a strong option, especially on Republic ships that do not get an accuracy or engine penalty for using it. Lasts 15 seconds and synergizes well with BLC (T4R), Quads, and Rocket Pods.
Concentrated Fire
Comments: Only 6 seconds of uptime every 60 seconds makes this a weaker choice, but it has good synergy with Targeting Telemetry.
In Your Sights
Comments: This can be strong in a team setting. Wingman is more useful in most situations.
Comments: This can be strong in a team setting. It has decent utility at suppressing a particularly good player, but that isn't the role of this ship.
Slicer's Loop
Comments: Improved to halt energy regeneration for 8 seconds, but it still suffers from a long cooldown of 60 seconds and many other options which are better than it.
Servo Jammer
Comments: It can help keep a single enemy in the BLC sweet spot range, but that's not good enough to move it out of the red.
Comments: Damage Reduction is next to useless in the current AP-heavy metagame.
Comments: Its removal of 40 engine power every 40 seconds may have a niche (trolling) use, but it's not good enough to consider over the options.
Lingering Effect
Comments: A little extra hull damage doesn't make lingering effect worth taking over the other, much better, options.

Comments: As a blaster ship, this is 100% necessary. You need your lasers and rocket pods to be accurate.
Spare Ammo
Comments: Important to increase your amount of rocket pods to 52.
Rapid Reload
Comments: Only useful if you're using cluster missiles. You need to take it on pubside to get Hydro Spanner.
Improved Kill Zone
Comments: Only useful if you're using cluster missiles, but even then the other options are probably still better in most situations.

Power to Shields
Comments: Shields are very important, and having extra shield power helps to mitigate burst damage.
Response Tuning
Comments: With any distortion field scout build, you should be stacking as much evasion as possible.
Quick Recharge
Comments: Very useful with Quick Charge Shields. Increases regeneration rate and also reduces time until shield regeneration begins. Consider using this if you are going to use a quick charge shield/reinforced armor/hydrospanner build.
Structural Support
Comments: Even with directionals, this is still a bad choice.

Depth of Field
Comments: Tactical choices are not as important, but more senor range never hurts. It's nice to know what's coming at you.
Comm Boost
Comments: It's also nice to let your teammates know what's coming at you.
Peripheral Vision
Comments: Knowing who's sneaking up on you is always nice.
Silent Running
Comments: You can't stack this with Dampening Sensors on this ship, so no. Don't use it.

Efficient Maneuvers
Comments: This makes your movements and engines more efficient. Definitely a good choice.
Efficient Blasters
Comments: Very useful if you are using frequency capacitor and/or firing a lot while in F4.
Power to Engines
Comments: This makes your big engine pool even bigger. Mandatory on imperial side if you want to use hydrospanner.
Power to Blasters
Comments: If you want your blasters to last longer, Efficient Blasters is a better choice, and you need Efficient Engines. Don't use this; it's a waste.

Specific Builds

BLC/pod Generalist
- Dogfighting, jousting, gunship hunting, bomber killing - this ship can do it all.

BLC Interceptor
- Superior mobility and turning allows this ship to stick close to its targets and cover a larger portion of the map
NOTE: Quick charge shields can be substituted for distortion field if you value burst survival over mobility. Cluster missiles are also an option over rocket pods since you don't have wingman with this build.

Quad/pod Jouster
- Despite its shortcomings in domination mode, this is still the strongest jousting ship in the game and it can be a lot of fun to fly in both modes.
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Edited to include specific builds.
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