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Using the format introduced by Ianir, this is a general guide to the T1 strike. The T1 strike is a great dogfighter with the best sustained DPS in the game. It is highly versatile due to the ability to swap blasters, and has the option of carrying missiles good at any range.With the correct builds this ship can specialize in either TDM and Dom, as well as filling a generalist role in both.

Major Components
Primary Weapons
Heavy Laser Cannon
Upgrades (both modes): T4 Preference & T5L (Shield Piercing).
Comments: High damage per shot, accurate at range and with a very long range, HLC are a solid choice that is generally taken on most builds. They are weak in close ranges and deflection shots, meaning they're not the best choice for fighting on nodes in Dom. If you don't take AP on the T4 upgrade, you should have RFLC as your other blaster if you intend to fly this ship in Dom.
Rapid-fire Laser Cannon
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4R (Improved Firing Arc and Tracking) & T5L (Hull Damage).
Comments: RFLC are good where HLC are not, so they are often seen together. While they deal low damage per hit, they have very high DPS and ignore armor. Together with their low tracking penalty and huge firing arc, they are a great choice for Dom builds and general close-range combat.
Quad Laser Cannon
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4L (Increased Critical Hit Damage) & T5R (Increased Critical Hit Chance) OR T4R (Reduced Power Cost) & T5L (Hull Damage).
Comments: Quads do not have AP, so if you take them and intend to fly in Dom, you'll need HLC or RFLC in addition to them. They boast very high DPS and high damage per hit, and with the correct upgrades they crit for very high damage. Alternatively, they can be used together with ion cannons to melt enemy ships.
Ion Cannon
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference
Comments: Ion cannons are good for one thing only -- stripping shields. Fortunately they do that extremely well, leaving enemy ships weak to your missiles and other blasters (whichever you chose). They work very well with both RFLC and Quads, but less so with HLC -- their shorter range means often a target will already be low on shields by the time you're within range of using them.

Secondary Weapons
Cluster Missiles
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Clusters deal less damage than concussions or torps and have a shorter range, but they have a shorter lock and reload which make them good for spamming at enemy ships. Their main use is against enemy scouts, but they work against gunships and even strikes or bombers if needed. With the extra range plasma warheads are generally recommended in order to not run out of ammo too quickly.
Concussion Missiles
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4 Preference & T5 Preference
Comments: Concussions are solid and versatile missiles that are slightly underused in the current meta.
Nevertheless, they are a powerful choice. In addition to their large arc, medium range and short reload, they can either ignore armor (good for executing bombers and strikes) or they can drain engine power and inflict a lengthy 30% slow on their target.
Proton Torpedoes
Upgrades (DOM & TDM): T4L (Increased Projectile Speed) & T5 Preference.
Comments: While protons are generally a powerful missile, they fit this ship less than other ships because of its dogfighting nature. Within the ranges you'll be fighting you might find it hard to land them, especially if your target is maneuvering around you. They are powerful however, and can be used -- they just require a style that isn't dogfighting.

Quick-Charge Shield
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference.
Comments: These shields offer a great passive boost to engine regen rate, making the ship much more mobile. They also are very tanky upon activation, and on this ship even more so because of the reactor minor component. QCS are the best choice in general. Take regen during damage if you want to be tanker under fire, or reduced cooldown if you want less delay between your use windows.
Directional Shield
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3L (Reduced Regen Delay).
Comments: Directionals offer more tankiness than QCS, and also grant a passive 10% DR. However, ships using them lose mobility, and they require more care because of the risk involved in turning them the wrong way.
Feedback Shield
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3L (Critical Feedback).
Comments: While feedbacks offer no defensive benefit, they can combine with your blasters and missile to ensure a quick kill. They can be used, but with care because of their lack of any passive or active mitigation.
Charged Plating
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Engine Power Shunt).
Comments: This ship has no armor component, and thus cannot stack damage reduction (even were it worthwhile to do so). Do not take CP.

Retro Thrusters
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference
Comments: Retros are one of the main reasons this strike is so attractive. They allow long uptime on a target with your blasters without needing to fear missiles. While they're not as mobile as barrel roll, they make up to it by being a superior offensive choice. Take extra turning if you intend to fight in closer ranges, or engine power if you intend to do flybys mainly.
Koiogran Turn
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference
Comments: While this maneuver isn't as mobile as barrel roll or as offensively capable as retros, it offers a 4-second missile immunity. This is often enough to reach cover, and makes it a viable choice. I personally won't take it on this ship, but it is certainly an option for someone who values avoiding missiles over anything else.
Barrel Roll
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3 Preference
Comments: Barrel roll is very good for mobility and also allows reliable escapes, but the long cooldown makes it less interesting for this ship. Once you've used it, you have to be careful when reengaging because you'll be within missile range with no breaks for the next 17 seconds.
Weapon Power Converter
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3R (Breaks Missile Locks)
Comments: EtW converter can be used as an alternative to retros, but 6% weapon damage is a small buff and it offers no missile immunity. Retros are generally better.

Minor Components
Large reactor
Comments: In general, stacking shields still seems like a good way to mitigate burst damage. Large reactor is solid shields on a strike, and allows you more time in the fray before you need to break off for regeneration.
Turbo reactor
Comments: Turbo reactor is good for fairly low damage that comes in intervals -- a couple of blaster shots or a low-charged railgun. It's less effective against high burst damage or sustained damage such as continuous fire (as you might see in a dogfight) or BLC shots.It's a valid option, but it means changing your playstyle to suit it.
Regeneration reactor
Comments: Even with quick-charge, you won't regenerate a lot with regen reactor. It won't beat large reactor in mitigating straight damage, and when you're not taking damage it doesn't really matter.

Range Capacitor
Comments: Longer range means more shots and lower risk. You probably won't be gaining a lot of DPS from this capacitor, but it's still a solid option.
Damage Capacitor
Comments: This is a great compromise if you want to take Efficient Targeting and still deal lots of damage.
It's not as good as frequency for DPS, but it's good DPS and even better damage per hit.
Frequency Capacitor
Comments: For people focused on their blaster damage (and this ship is all about blasters), frequency is a great option. You might need regen extender magazine for it, but it can be worth it to melt targets quickly.

Efficient Targeting
Comments: Especially with torpedoes and concussion missiles, this magazine will help you land them more often and more reliably. It's less of a necessity with clusters.
Regeneration Extender
Comments: If you're running out of juice, take this magazine. It works great especially with frequency capacitor.
Power Pool Extender
Comments: Regeneration Extender is more useful if you want to maximize your blaster output.
Munitions Capacity Extender
Comments: If you need more ammo, use the Spare Ammo crew ability instead.

Turning Thrusters
Comments: Turning is great for fighting in close ranges, especially on nodes. You can combine with with your engine maneuver upgrade for tight turns, and it also helps in landing missiles.
Regeneration Thrusters
Comments: For TDM especially, regen thrusters will ensure you have the power to get where you need to be and still use your maneuvers if required. They're always a solid option. With QCS, you'll actually net positive engines in the 3 seconds of maneuver, making them even more useful for escaping after using your engine break.
Speed Thrusters
Comments: This ship requires more precise aim than a missile boat or gunship, making speed slightly less attractive. Still, it can be used if you want a reliable way to get in and out of range fast.
Power Thrusters
Comments: As a counter to gunship ions or Remote Slicing, Power thrusters work great. Otherwise, one of the other options is probably more beneficial.

For crew, I will be evaluating active and passive crew abilities rather than specific crew members.

Hydro Spanner
Comments: Hydro Spanner, with its strong heals and short cooldown, is the obvious choice for a strike with Quick-Charge Shields. Whatever damage makes it through your shields, Hydro Spanner can mitigate it. It is the best choice for Copilot.
Comments: Bypass is a strong option, especially on Republic ships when you don't want to run B3G9 as your Offensive crew member. Lasts 15 seconds and synergizes well with HLCs and Concussion missiles in particular.
Comments: Wingman is a strong option with 20% extra accuracy, but Hydro Spanner's survival potential is generally more attractive, and evasion is not as prevalent as it once was.
Concentrated Fire
Comments: Only 6 seconds of uptime every 60 seconds makes this a poor choice, but it can work well with Quads.
In Your Sights
Comments: If you really need more accuracy, Wingman is probably more useful in most situations.
Comments: Decent utility at suppressing a particularly good player, but not a good choice on this ship.
Running Interference
Comments: Without an armor minor, you can't really stack evasion on this ship, so RI will generally be wasted.
Slicer's Loop
Comments: Improved to halt energy regeneration for 8 seconds, but it still suffers from a long cooldown of 60 seconds and many other options which are better than it.
Servo Jammer
Comments: Its slow will stack with concussion missiles, but that's not good enough to move it out of the red.
Comments: Damage Reduction is next to useless in the current AP-heavy metagame.
Comments: Its removal of 40 engine power every 40 seconds may have a niche (trolling) use, but it's not good enough to consider over the options.
Lingering Effect
Comments: A little extra hull damage doesn't make lingering effect worth taking over the other, much better, options.

Comments: As a blaster ship, this is 100% necessary. You need your lasers accurate.
Rapid Reload
Comments: The only direct DPS increase other than pinpointing, this is generally the other best option. You need to take it on pubside to get Hydro Spanner, too.
Spare Ammo
Comments: Your primary damage source should be your blasters, not missiles. This can still work if you take range instead of ammo on your missiles.
Improved Kill Zone
Comments: You don't want to be firing your blasters at high deflection in general, so only your secondaries really benefit from the increased arc.

Power to Shields
Comments: Shields are very important, and having extra shield power helps to mitigate burst damage.
Quick Recharge
Comments: Very useful with Quick Charge or Directional Shields. Increases regeneration rate and also reduces time until shield regeneration begins.
Response Tuning
Comments: Without an armor minor, 5% evasion is not very beneficial, but with retro thrusters you can still benefit from a short window of relatively high evasion.
Structural Support
Comments: Even with directionals, the lack of deflection armor means you can't get more than 29% DR. You're better of with any other option in most cases.

Depth of Field
Comments: Tactical choices are not as important, but more senor range never hurts. It's nice to know what's coming at you.
Comm Boost
Comments: It's also nice to let your teammates know what's coming at you.
Peripheral Vision
Comments: Knowing who's sneaking up on you is always nice.
Silent Running
Comments: You can't stack this with Dampening Sensors on this ship, so no. Don't use it.

Efficient Maneuvers
Comments: Strike Fighters benefit from a great engine pool, and this makes your movements more efficient. Definitely a good choice.
Power to Engines
Comments: This makes your big engine pool even bigger.
Efficient Blasters
Comments: Power to engines may be more beneficial, but with regen thrusters you can get away with this option too. It's useful if you want to swap around magazines and capacitors to more power-hungry versions.
Power to Blasters
Comments: If you want your blasters to last longer, Efficient Blasters is a better choice, and you need Efficient Engines. Don't use this; it's a waste.

Team Deathmatch Optimization

Domination Optimization
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Nice guide. I think an important point to note here is that components like proton and barrel roll are good on this ship, but they are much better suited for the T2 strike. That being said, if your T2 strike is running a domination specific build, then running those components on the T1 strike isn't a bad choice. Just realize that this build is going to be quite a bit weaker than a TDM T2 strike due to the lack of armor component and 2nd missile.

K-turn is a fine choice for beginners but retro thrusters is really what makes this ship shine.
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Yeah, I think that taking these components could potentially work, but if you want them you're better off in a different ship (the T2 strike). Retros are the primary reason to take this ship in my opinion.
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I think this ship has three unique builds:

HLC Generalist
- Great survivability, great sustained DPS, solid against every ship in every mode

Ion Blaster Node Enforcer
- Similar to the HLC Generalist Build but it trades range for increased burst DPS on nodes; weaker in TDM
NOTE: RFL can be substituted for Quads if you want to trade AP and high deflection accuracy for improved burst damage

Feedback DPS Build
- Similar to the HLC Generalist Build but it trades engines and survivability for burst damage in the form of feedback and wingman; weaker in TDM

NOTE: Cluster missiles are the best choice in domination but all three missile options are solid choices in TDM.
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