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Using the format by Ianir for his T2 strike guide, here's a T2 gunship guide.

I think the T2 gunship is a powerful TDM ship. Although weak in Dom, the access to HLC, slug and torpedoes makes it a strong gunship if strikes are around. There won't be any Dom discussion here because I think the other two gunships are better suited for that mode.

Major Components
Primary Weapons
Heavy Laser Cannon
Upgrades (TDM only): T4L (Improved Tracking and Critical Chance) & T5L (Shield Piercing).
Comments: Powerful damage, long-ranged, accurate at range and with shield piercing, HLC are one of the main reasons to take this gunship over the alternatives.
Laser Cannon
Upgrades (TDM only): T4L (Increased Critical Hit Chance) & T5L (Hull Damage).
Comments: LCs are very average in almost every way. This makes them both easy to use and leaves them without any real advantage. They are also available on the T3 gunship, which is otherwise better suited for dogfighting.

Secondary Weapons
Slug railgun
Upgrades (TDM only): T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Slugs are still the staple of any gunship. They have a shorter reload than plasma or ion railguns, are very accurate at range (when centered), and boast both shield piercing and armor ignore. While it is possible to get away without slug railgun, I think it's necessary for any serious build.
Proton Torpedoes
Upgrades (TDM only): T4L (Increased Projectile Speed) & T5R (Increased Range).
Comments: Torpedoes work on gunships because they have 20% extra range. This gives them almost 14km, which makes them good for finishing off targets who have already maneuvered at range as well as forcing enemy gunships to fold.
Plasma railgun
Upgrades (TDM only): T4 Preference & T5 Preference.
Comments: Plasmas can definitely work with slug railgun, especially as a primer to reduce the enemy's evasion with the T4L upgrade on them. That being said, the T1 gunship has the ability to field the same build only with distortion field, which makes it less prone to being torped. Plasmas can also work well with HLC for added accuracy.
Thermite torpedoes
Upgrades (TDM only): T4L (Increased Projectile Speed) & T5 Preference.
Comments: Thermites have shorter range than Protons and don't ignore shields entirely. They also deal the half their damage over time, meaning they can be negated by repairs easily. While they will generally deal more hull damage to a target without shields, that requires stripping the shields from the target first. They are not recommended.

Directional Shield
Upgrade (TDM only): T3L (Reduced Regen Delay).
Comments: Directionals can be weak because of an abundance of shield piercing, but they're still quite powerful. Especially against weapons without armor ignore, they bring 10% DR to the table as well as their usual versatility and high shield capacity. They work better on gunships than other ships, because you can more easily predict the direction from which the damage will come.
Feedback Shield
Upgrade (DOM & TDM): T3L (Critical Feedback).
Comments: Feedback shields offer less than directionals against gunships as well as most missiles (proton torpedoes excluded), but are quite good against any enemy in close range with high damage, shield piercing and armor ignore. They're slightly weak defensively.
Fortress Shield
Upgrade (TDM only): T3R (Increased Blaster Power Regen While Active).
Comments: Using Fortress will make you a prime torpedo target. With all the shield piercing in the game, they're not worthwhile to field.

Barrel Roll
Upgrade (TDM only): T3 Preference
Comments: Barrel Roll is an excellent escape for gunships, because they have such a long range and lose less from opening distance between themselves and the enemy. I find that DF isn't necessary in most cases if you used your barrel roll well. The extra turning upgrade is my preference because it allows you to center shots more easily and helps maintain a torpedo lock on maneuvering targets.
Weapon Power Converter
Upgrade (TDM only): T3R (Breaks Missile Locks)
Comments: Weapon Power Converter is weaker than barrel roll in my opinion for two reasons: it lacks the T3 upgrade for turning and it doesn't allow escaping. It does have the advantage of a shorter cooldown than barrel roll though, and the weapon damage boost it offers is nice. It can be used in a fashion similar to retro thrusters, but lacks defensive capabilities.
Rotational thrusters
Upgrade (TDM only): T3 Preference
Comments: The ability to face your target is useless if you're dead. Rotationals offer no missile break, making them a horrible choice in the current missile-saturated meta. In addition to that, they don't even offer increased mobility.
Interdiction Drive
Upgrade (TDM only): T3 Preference
Comments: Interdiction drive has a very long cooldown, costs a lot of engine power, has a small radius of effect and does not break missiles. It's a bad choice, especially on a gunship.

Minor Components
Dampening sensors
Comments: The less people see you, the smaller chance you'll be shot at. Dampening works well with any gunship.
Range sensors
Comments: As an alternative to hiding, you can try and detect enemy ships trying to sneak around you. Range sensors more than counter dampening, and are thus a good option too.
Communication sensors
Comments: Generally speaking, you don't want to be in the middle of the action. You want to be at the edge of it. Because of that, you won't relay information to teammates very often, so communication sensors might be wasted. That being said, they're just sensors.

Range Capacitor
Comments: This option almost closes the range gap with strike fighters (who don't have range capacitor selected) on HLC. Extra range means you can deal damage earlier, and that's never a bad thing to have.
Damage Capacitor
Comments: My preferred capacitor for this ship, it deals a lot of damage without sacrificing weapon power. It's the best option when you can only land a couple of shots.
Frequency Capacitor
Comments: Frequency is a weak option on gunships in general, because you'll be generally low on weapon power due to railgun use. Frequency needs juice, and you probably won't have a lot of it.

Regeneration Extender
Comments: The best option for fractioned fire, regen extender allows you to shoot quicker if you're out of weapon power. This is important if you're doing a lot of intermittent firing (due to constant repositioning).
Power Pool Extender
Comments: This magazine does offer better sustained fire when your magazine is full, but it's worse if you're empty. When you'll really need more weapon power, it won't help you.
Munitions Capacity Extender
Comments: Even though you have torpedoes, the railgun is still your primary weapon.

Large Reactor
Comments: Large reactor is still the best option for mitigating burst damage. 20% shields are nothing to be scoffed at, particularly when combined with the double capacity of directionals.
Turbo Reactor
Comments: In cases where you take fractioned damage, turbo will beat large. In cases where you take either constant damage or a couple of big hits, large will win over turbo. Turbo isn't a horrible option, but I still believe gearing your ship to survive maximum burst is the best option.
Regeneration Reactor
Comments: It offers no benefit while shields are in recently consumed state (while taking damage and for a couple of seconds after), and offers very little advantage even when regenerating. Quick shield regen is nice, but it isn't useful for staying alive while under fire.

Comments: Both railguns and HLC benefit from WM. It helps with deflection shots and hitting scouts. WM is still the best option for gunships.
Comments: Bypass can only work on pubside, because imperials need to give up pinpointing to get it. It allows for dealing incredibly high damage to enemy ships with slugs, as well as finishing off targets with HLC. It does leave you wanting against scouts and evasion gunships though.
Hydro Spanner
Comments: Having constant heals on this ship is good, because with no evasion you'll be taking constant damage, and some of it will probably pierce shields. That being said, staying alive isn't always as important as killing the enemy, and Hydro Spanner doesn't help at all with that.
Concentrated Fire
Comments: A potential crit on a slug or torpedo can be devastating, but the short uptime makes it less attractive. It can work well with plasmas though.
Running Interference
Comments: For a ship without armor an a maximum of 5% passive evasion, RI doesn't offer much defensively.
In Your Sights
Comments: With only 5000m range, WM is way better on a gunship.
Comments: Since this gunship is already low on evasion, the extra 25% suppression grants will likely not be very helpful. Also, limited in range.
Slicer's Loop
Comments: Improved to halt energy regeneration for 8 seconds, but it still suffers from a long cooldown of 60 seconds and many other options which are better than it. Also, limited range.
Servo Jammer
Comments: You have no slow that can work with this interdiction effect, and will likely be gaining very little from it. Also, limited range.
Comments: Damage Reduction is next to useless in the current AP-heavy metagame, and you have no armor minor to stack it with.
Comments: Its removal of 40 engine power every 40 seconds may have a niche (trolling) use, but it's not good enough to consider over the options. Also, limited range.
Lingering Effect
Comments: A little extra hull damage doesn't make lingering effect worth taking over the other, much better options. Also, limited range.

Comments: 6% accuracy to both HLC and railguns is a must, this is the single most important passive for you to take.
Rapid Reload
Comments: Having both railguns and missiles reload faster is key to dealing more damage and killing more enemies.
Spare Ammo
Comments: This helps with having extra torpedoes (otherwise you only have 8 of them), but rapid reload is probably better otherwise.
Improved Kill Zone
Comments: The main benefit of this is the larger arc on torpedoes. You don't want to be shooting high deflection shots with your blasters or railguns generally.

Power to Shields
Comments: Shields are very important, and having extra shield power helps to mitigate burst damage.
Quick Recharge
Comments: Very useful with Directional Shields. Increases regeneration rate and also reduces time until shield regeneration begins.
Response Tuning
Comments: With no lightweight armor, only 5% passive evasion is generally useless.
Structural Support
Comments: With directionals, you can get 24% DR constantly. However, DR is mostly useless in TDM, so this passive is not recommended.

Depth of Field
Comments: Tactical choices are not as important, but more senor range never hurts. It's nice to know what's coming at you.
Peripheral Vision
Comments: This works well with range sensors, allowing you to see dampened enemies in all directions.
Silent Running
Comments: Works well with dampening sensors.
Comm Boost
Comments: It's possible to stack with comm sensors, but you generally want dampening or range.

Efficient Maneuvers
Comments: Cheaper barrel roll and boosting. As a gunship, you'll probably be running quite a bit, so every engine point counts.
Power to Engines
Comments: 15 more engine power are nothing to be scoffed at. You'll be using them often.
Efficient Blasters
Comments: This does not make railguns cheaper. If you want to use more blasters, fly a strike.
Power to Blasters
Comments: While this does allow for slightly more railgun shots, you sacrifice mobility for it. Mobility is life.

Team Deathmatch Optimization
Primary weapon: HLC (T4L, T5L)
Secondary weapon: Slug railgun (T4L, T5R)
Secondary weapon: Proton torpedoes (T4L, T5R)
Shields: Directional Shields (T3L)
Engines: Barrel Roll (T3R)

Reactor: Large
Capacitor: Damage
Sensors: Range
Magazine: Regeneration extender

Offensive: B3-G9/Gault (Pinpointing/Rapid Reload)
Defensive: Doc/Writch Hurley (Power to shields/Quick Recharge)
Tactical: Lieutenant Iresso/Malavi Quinn (Depth of field/Silent Running)
Engineering: C2-N2/Blizz (Efficient Maneuvers/Power to Engines)
Copilot: Lieutenant Iresso/Malavai Quinn (Wingman)
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Spot on! If any gunship can run hydrospanner I think this would be the one. Slug railgun kinda sucks sometimes without wingman, but perhaps you could make up for that with protons.

I think the only thing I disagree with here is that you put running interference as a yellow choice. I think it's barely a yellow choice for T1 and T3 DF builds but I would never consider it for a T2. I would rather help my team by picking suppression.
Posted Nov 30, 17 · Last edited Jan 18, 18
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Edited. I don't think I can recommend suppression because of the 5000m range, but I agree RI is very weak.
Posted Dec 1, 17 · OP
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Yea suppression is also a bad choice.
Posted Dec 1, 17 · Last edited Dec 1, 17