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This is a good video to show people how to play, I'll just leave it here
Posted Jan 21, 16 · OP
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This really is a good video for beginners.
Maybe we should be telling people to watch this 1st, then read the other guides and play the tutorial.

One thing I think this video does better than just about everything else I've seen for new players is that it shows the interface in action. New players don't have to guess whether they're looking at the right thing while reading a description. The video points them out while they're showing useful information in a match.
It's also short (~ 5 min), but still covers pretty much all the basics.

A few comments on the video:

1:00 he points out that not being in F1 reduced his blasters' efficiency, but didn't mention that it also reduced the damage each shot did.

3:48 after taking a seeker mine, he presses F2, but doesn't mention the regen delay or use quick charge shield.
He also states: "You can also try boosing away to get out of the lock's maximum range, or break line of sight by maneuvering around cover."
Maneuvering to break the lock only works before it is launched, while it is locking. His statement is correct for this case.
Once the missile is launched (which is instant for seeker mines), only a missile break (such as an engine ability) can prevent the missile from hitting.

4:07 he fires several shots at a target not in his LOS, behind the satellite, but doesn't point this out.

He doesn't mention 'E' to target center screen target.
He doesn't mention the minimap.
He doesn't mention watching buffs and debuffs on his target.

There is more that could be said about his flying, but those probably don't belong in a video for beginners.
Even the last couple of things I mention might belong in something for more advanced play.

Another reference that could be good for new players:
Visual Guide to the Galactic Starfighter HUD and User Interface
It's a single image that labels nearly every element of the GSF interface.

Both of these are linked in the Stasiepedia, but possibly get buried in the huge amount of information and links there.
Posted Jul 23, 16