About SRW

Yallia posted Mar 6, 18

The Shadowlands Reconnaissance Wing originated on the Shadowlands server of Star Wars: The Old Republic, formed in response to a group of players who were repeatedly pubstomping on the Imperial faction in the arcade space simulator Galactic Starfighter. There’s more to that story, which you can read on our website if you wish, but let’s get to the point. In pursuit of new challenges and competition, we have moved on to Dreadnought.

As a guild, we are a mixed group of people, but we're all here to have fun. Some of us play more casually, (and we will welcome almost anyone into SRW), while others of us take the game very seriously, and hope one day to compete with the best. We are motivated to develop strategies for teamplay and execute them well. On the other hand, we readily admit that we are very new to Dreadnought, and we have a lot to learn.

We invite you to come, join us, learn with us, and grow with us. Even if you’re not convinced you want to join SRW, we welcome anyone to join our Discord and squad up with us. All we expect of our people (and guests) is to do their best to respectful and exercise good sportsmanship toward those both inside and outside of SRW. Finally, we expect our members to participate in voice chat as this is a social game and guild