The story begins with a lone swtor founder known as Lavaar. Lavaar was a bit of a wanderer, dabbling in a little bit of PvP, a little PvE, some ops, story content and events. Lavaar played on the Mind Trick server, which changed to the Corellian Run server, which then merged into what is known today as the Shadowlands. Lavaar was never particularly good at any aspect of the game, other than the on-rails space missions, but he did well enough for himself, joining smaller guilds, usually until they fizzed out, and seeing how the swtor system worked.


Eventually, Lavaar grew weary of the ground game, and he felt he had seen enough of what SWTOR had to offer. He was ready to move on with the game, and made preparations to do so. One day Lavaar found out about the introduction of a new space-based game mode, called Galactic Starfighter. Intrigued, Lavaar decided to stick around and give this new mode a try. Lavaar informed his friend Siraka of this, who, at the time only had a SWTOR account as a joke, which was quickly abandoned, but though some convincing, decided to try out the game mode as well.

These two intrepid individuals took to the skies together, and had such a blast that Lavaar even went ahead and bought a cartel market skybolt. This was a new and exciting game mode for swtor, and since they were both subscribers at the time, they had early access to this cutting edge space shooter. Over time, their skills improved, Siraka as a crack gunship pilot (with rotational thrusters) and Lavaar as a nasty little skybolt (with kiogran turn).


After flying together for awhile, Siraka and Lavaar encountered the rôgue squadron, a group of Shadowlands republic pilots who flew together with proper squadron naming conventions. These guys were famous on the server, well known, and very skilled pilots, and the duo flew with them whenever could. Eventually, they were invited into the guild on a trial basis, and were invited to become full members of the guild faster than anyone had before. At that point, Lavaar and Siraka were no more, and rôgue-ten and rôgue-eleven were born. For a time, things went well. Matches were somewhat challenging, but winnable. The rogues flew together quite often, had fly nights, and were often the rulers of the Shadowlands skies. However, the reputation of the rogues went slowly downhill as more and more pilots (especially imperial pilots) were becoming disgruntled with their heavy handed blowout matches.


While things went well for the rogues for a time, all good things must come to an end. Following many embarrassing defeats at the hands of the lopsided rogue squadron, the imperial pilot xi'ao formed an opposing squadron to combat them. This imperial squadron was able to recruit many talented pilots, who, out of necessity, had learned to fly under dire conditions of defending themselves against overwhelming odds. These players were skilled at teamwork, covering each other, and they were angry, especially at the rogues for the punishment that had been delivered upon them. The xi'ao group began to form numbered pilots to form an official squadron, one which absolutely dominated the skies whenever they flew. The rogues, in the face of this new challenge, were unable to rely on their usual zerg-rush tactics, and were quickly defeated at almost every opportunity. The rogues began to break up, tensions began to form, and many rogues began to refuse to fly when the xi'ao squadron was online. Rogue's ten and eleven were caught in a conundrum, as they wanted to fly against a challenge, but their teammates had mostly abandoned them in the face of adversity. This began the dark days, as countless defeats against the often 8-man Xi'ao squadron by these two pilots steeled their resolve as they began to seek out ways to defeat the new tyrants.


The leader of the rogue's, rôgue-leader, recognized there was a problem. He recognized that the selfish and spoiled nature of the rogue's pilots was killing the guild from the inside out. The players on it had become paranoid and argumentative, each one eager to prove themselves as being the "best" amongst themselves, all while being defeated consistently whenever the imperial premade came online. Rogues ten and eleven saw an opportunity to take advantage of the new ships that were introduced at the time, the T3 scout and T3 strike, and proposed a major reform of the rogue-squadron, which was strongly endorsed by rogue-leader. The reform would replace selfish stat-hungry players with an effective team that could take advantage of support ships and effective communication to defeat the xi'ao squadron. The unveiling of the new policies was a disastrous affair, with a lot of the stat-hungry rogues entirely opposed to its implementation. Despite the opposition, steps were taken to move forward with the new plan, as it had become clear at that point that the old tactics were failing them. Unfortunately, soon after, rogue-leader's daughter grew ill, and he was forced to leave the game, leaving the squadron to rogue-one. Rogue-one was one of the old guard of the squadron, and immediately revoked all of the changes that the new reform brought in. The rogues continued their decline, refusing to change and became a shadow of their former selves. They refused to join forces to take advantage of conquest with larger guilds and salvage what was left of their reputation, refused to recognize and train new talent to face the premade, and refused to take part in any difficult matches by avoiding tough opponents. Most of their pilots soon transferred to the ebon hawk to escape the oppression of the xi'ao premades, which had grown in size and skill significantly by this time, but confined themselves to flying exclusively on the Shadowlands. It was at this point that rogue ten and eleven left the guild, and the Shadowlands saw the return of Siraka, and the birth of Vexxial.


Understanding that their odds on the Shadowlands were beyond hopeless without a team to support them, Siraka and Vexxial began their travels to other servers, in search of different players to help them fight the tyranny of the xi'ao squadron, as well as improving their skills and strategies by flying in different environments. They added the tag -srw to their names to make a name for themselves on foreign servers, and began to make friends with many other players around the world. They flew with eclipse squadron, drakolich's squadron, jedi praxium, secforce, and with many of the aces from across many of the different servers, and took part in many community events, such as super serious nights on bastion and stock nights on POT5. They made names for themselves, and become proficient in flying many different ships and working together to take down tough premades as a team. While many in the community did not want to help Vexxial and Siraka retake their home server, there were also many who stood behind them and pledged their support to retaking the Shadowlands. With the assistance of their friends Drostoleth and Deanleaner, they formed the Shadowlands Reconnaissance Wing guild on their home server, and soon after began to recruit some new friends to help them take back their home. Some of these players were active Shadowlands natives, such as Xmar, one of the first recruits, as well as Xcal, a prominent imperial pilot who was also sick of the xi'ao squadron's dominion. Some of the other members were cross-server players who came to join the good fight and either transferred or created new characters for the cause. One of the most active, talented, and insightful members of their group, Yallia, who transferred from POT5, was promoted to be one of the guild leaders, and together they trained on many servers, plotting and preparing for their return by creating a guild environment that emphasized teamwork, co-ordination, strategy and tactics, and incorporated many of the ideas of the rogue squadron's reform into the core tenants of the guild.


SRW had become a cross-server success, competing across the entire game, practicing their strategies, and truly living up to the name of "Reconnaissance" by constantly scouting out servers for challenging players to compete against. SRW, however, needed a place to call home, and had their eyes firmly set on the liberation of their homeland. Following extensive preparation, the day came, and SRW returned to the Shadowlands in full force. They faced off against the Xi'ao squadron with brand new players and tactics gathered from across the game. The Xi'ao squadron was shocked. They had grown stagnant ruling over the Shadowlands without a challenge for so long, and upon the arrival of SRW, they were quickly outmatched. Match after match the pilots of SRW utilized their extensive new knowledge of tactics and builds from other servers to defeat any of the old tactics that the xi'ao squadron threw at them. They had grown so accustomed to victory that many of the squadron's pilots had reverted to substandard ship loadouts in order to quickly decimate new players with ease, as well as not discovering some of the most effective builds being utilized elsewhere. In effect, the Xi'ao squadron had become like the rogues, aimless, stat hungry, and unable to adapt to changing conditions. Following repeated defeats at the hands of SRW, the xi'ao squadron disbanded, and only scattered members of their group have been spotted since.


Following the defeat of the xi'ao squadron, SRW has been determined to not allow themselves to grow complacent, and make constant efforts to organize community events, as well as tackling tough, entrenched premades and "aces" from other servers. They do this to try to help break the toxic premade cycles on those servers, and show the gsf population effective tactics for high-level play. SRW has now grown to be a positive force for GSF in the game, being one of its primary advocates and constantly striving to improve the gametype, continuing to seek out challenges wherever they find them, as well as being a major force on the Shadowlands, competing for conquest placings, and expanding their influence as time goes on. Today, SRW has over 150 members, and strive to advocate for and improve GSF as the game moves forward.